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Do not dance serious, dance hilarious!

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I’m Ilaria, the tireless dance fairy, and I’ve been floating around in the magic dance world for what feels like an eternity. But wait a minute – not only is my body dancey, but so are my thoughts too!

I am a vibrant, active, pragmatic and coulorful individual, who loves movement in body and mind.

Get curious?

Photography: Davide di Palo    Styling: DearGoods Berlin

After leaving my sunny italian roots behind, I let the artistic whirlwind of Berlin seduce me and settled there after a three-years dance education in 2015.

In my early career I started as dancer, performer and choreographer. I got a hybrid education by participating in various training-programs in Bologna, Berlin, Brussels (a lot of Bs). Along the way, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts in Rome. During that time I have worked with Die Kompanie, Ronnie Heller Dance Theatre and Leggere Strutture Dance Company, gaining valuable practical experience.

Since 2021, I have been teaching regularly and working on the administrative side of dance for the German Dance Association. At the same time, I am pursuing a master’s degree in Dance Studies at the Freie Universität of Berlin and taking my first steps as a dance dramaturge and rehearsals assistant.

And all this always with humor!


My work begins in the development phase of a piece. I analyze the script, research background information and work out a common vision for the production. During the rehearsal phase, I work closely with the dancer(s) to strengthen the dramaturgical structure of their project. I give feedbacks, assist the rehearsals and help to design the set. As a dramaturge, I combine creative thinking, analytical understanding and choreographic knowledge. Besides that, I offer translations in German/English/Italian, proofreading and text-editing and general assistance in creating interdisciplinary projects.


The class is a physical journey of discovery with an attentive focus on physical presence, spatial constitution, social environment and mental state. After a basic warm-up, a playful session begins that includes improvisational movement scores and various elements from a contemporary dance background. Dancers are encouraged to try new movement qualities and through improvisational exercises, discover a variety of physical possibilities.


I am active in the dance field in different ways. I draw inspiration from books, poetry, hilarious comedy acts, old French movies, animals, and philosophy. Dance has played a crucial role in my personal journey of healing and overcoming existential fears. I'm always searching for fresh approaches to movement that promote inner relief, forgiveness, and openness. I practice instant composition, contact improviation, Yoga, Calisthenics, In-line skating.

Photography: © Theresa Beschnidt / JUMPIN JONA FLASH 


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Ilaria Iannaccone


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